Splash and Bubbles: Penguins!

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Splash, Bubbles, and friends introduce amazing ocean creatures in this photo-illustrated early reader based on Jim Henson's Splash and Bubbles. Learn all about penguins, from their habitats to their physical features to their behaviors, from the fish who know best: Splash, Bubbles, and friends! These science readers are packed with amazing facts, full-color photographs, and bright art from the PBS Kids series Splash and Bubbles. With a true-or-false activity and a glossary to reinforce the nonfiction content, these easy-to-read books are sure to appeal to emerging readers and animal enthusiasts! In the series of books based on the Jim Henson Company's Splash and Bubbles on PBS Kids, Splash, Bubbles, and their friends explore the world's undersea habitats, make new friends, and learn about the many different ways life looks and lives in the ocean, celebrating the importance of diversity along the way.

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